14 March

New Recording by the Argotti Ensemble

Vella Gregory’s work Sonata Sopra Agnus Dei for Horn Quartet, has been recorded by the Argotti Ensemble and released on the album Fantasia. This work was commissioned by the Argotti Ensemble specifically for this project. The work was inspired by Francesco Zahra’s painting of ‘Our Lady of the Holy Rosary’ found in the Parish Church of the […]

21 September

TLUQ – Book launch of Poetry by John Aquilina with original art songs by A. Vella Gregory

TLUQ (Departure) is the title of the latest collection of poetry by Maltese poet John Aquilina. The publication will be launched on Saturday 21st September 2019 at the Mill Room in Birkirkara, under the care of the Gabriel Caruana Foundation. The book is being published by Edizzjoni Skarta and it is edited by Antoine Cassar. During […]

23 November

Sacred Sonatas – Piano Sonatas by A. Vella Gregory

This piano recital presents two contemporary piano sonatas by composer Alexander Vella Gregory. The recital features Piano Sonata No. 5 ‘Litanija’ (Litany) as well as the world premiere of Piano Sonata No. 6 ‘Viżjonijiet’ (Visions). The two works both arise from Catholic theology and mysticism, using the piano sonata as a means for spiritual reflection. […]