Pianist Tricia Dawn Williams performs ‘Notturni’ in Bulgaria

Posted on Jan 29, 2018

Acclaimed pianist Tricia Dawn Williams will be performing works by various Maltese composers in Sofia, Bulgaria, including works by Vella Gregory. The programme ranges from internationally acclaimed composers like Charles Camilleri and Joseph Vella, up to more contemporary works by Ruben Zahra and others. Tricia Dawn Williams will be playing three out of the six Notturni / Nocturnes (2013).

01-Tricia-Dawn-Williams-photo-credit-Tahnee-Drago-2Notturni explores the Nocturne as a genre and pushes it beyond the Romantic idea of a tranquil lyrical piece that evokes a still night-time. Instead these explore different ideas of ‘night’ including metaphorical and symbolic levels. She will be performing Nocturnes Nos. 2, 3,& 6. Nocturne No. 2, Il-Port il-Kbir bil-Lejl (The Grand Harbour at Night),  is based on a night boat-ride across the harbour, dominated by the ominous shadows of the surrounding fortifications, and is the closest one to the Romantic Nocturne in the set.

Nocturne No. 3, Katakombi (Catacombs) explores the idea of eternal night-time, both physical (the underground burial complexes), and metaphorical (Death as the ‘eternal night’). The final Nocturne, Festa (Feast) is a boisterous celebration of a Maltese village festa at night. The work references several band marches from the feast of St Cajetan in Ħamrun, the composer’s own home town.

Monday 29th January @ 19:00
Bulgaria Hall
Sofia, Bulgaria

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