Magna Żmien – salvaging memory and making new ones

Posted on Sep 15, 2018

Magna Żmien is the name of a project that seeks to salvage our intangible heritage saved on reel, cassette, video, etc. A team of likeminded individuals, led by artistic director Andrew Alamango, are collecting and preserving this heritage by transforming it into digital format. As part of the project, Magna Żmien also includes a touring performance that has already been put up in Mellieħa. The performance involves the Magnificent Memories Machine created by artist Matthew Pandolfino and with a light design by Andrew Schembri and Tony Gialanzé. Around this machine a story, created by Andrej Vujicic with actor Jacob Piccinino, tells the tale of a dystopian future rendered sterile through loss of memory. The music, based on recordings of old Maltese songs from the early 20th century, is by composer Alexander Vella Gregory. The music will be in the hands of Norbert Mintoff (trumpet), Alan Saliba (sousaphone), and Albert Garzia (accordion).


MZ-Horizontal-Image-no-logo-text-1-600x315Upcoming Performances:

Saturday 15th September @ 20:00

Cathedral Square, Ċittadella, Victoria, Gozo

Tickets: free (outdoor event)

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