Città Umilissima (2016) is a symphonic overture for wind band.

‘Humilissima Civitas Valletta’ (Most Humble City) was the title given to Valletta by the Knights Hospitaliers, a title which is in direct contradiction to the other title ‘Città Superbissima’ (Proudest of Cities). This reflects the dual nature of the capital city, a city built on two opposites which keep it alive.

The work opens with a brass chorale which leads to the main theme in the form of a military march. The music then subsides and reaches a lyrical central part dominated by solo passages. The military march returns and slowly builds towards a triumphant finale.

citta-umilissimaThis work was written on the occassion of the 450th anniversary from the founding of Valletta, and has been donated to the King’s Own Philharmonic Society of Valletta.

Città Umilissima was premiered by the King’s Own Band on Saturday 29th October 2016 at the Church of Porto Salvo (known as St Dominic’s Church) under the baton of Mro. John Galea.

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