Elegija fuq il-Belt Valletta‘Kulħadd jaf li ma fadalx ġentlomi…
Li għal belt mibnija minn ġentlomi għall-ġentlomi, hi traġedja…’

‘Everybody knows that there are no gentlemen left…
Which for a City built by gentlemen for gentlemen, is a tragedy…’

When this piece was written in 2013 Valletta was still a deserted city, and this Elegy reflects on the decaying state of the city. Now that Valletta has seen a rapid increase in public interest, the issues raised by this piece have become even more pertinent. What is worse? The slow decay of oblivion? Or the merciless destruction of financial greed?

This work was premiered by clarinettist Lino Pirotta and pianist Gisele Grima on 17th October 2013 at Sala Isouard, Teatru Manoel, Valletta

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