Knejjes / Churches (2010-2011)  is a cycle of 24 piano pieces inspired by the many churches of Valletta. This monumental work examines all the different Catholic rite churches in Valletta not only from a historical or architectural point of view, but also from an anthropological perspective. Each church represents an idea, and carries its own rich history. The cycle explores all the different narratives attached to each church.

The work is divided into four sets of 6 pieces, although the pieces can be performed independently or in different combinations. The 24 pieces are:

Knejjes I / Churches I

Pastorale – Church of St Francis of Assisi
Matutin / Morning Song – Church of St Lucy
Invention – Church of St James the Great
Notturn / Nocturne – Church of St Mary Magdalene
Villancico – Church of Our Lady of the Pillar
Caritas / Charity – Church of St Augustine

‘Knejjes I’ is published by United Music Publishing Ltd. You can purchase the score here.

Knejjes I was premiered by the composer in 2010 at St James Cavalier, Valletta, Malta.

Knejjes III

Knejjes II / Churches II

Scherzo – Church of St Catherine of Italy
Overture – Church of St Barbara
Adorazzjoni / Adoration – Church of Christ the Redeemer
Wegħda / Vow – Church of St Roch
Fantasia – Church of Our Lady of Liesse
Sapientia / Wisdom – Basilica of Our Lady of Porto Salvo (St Dominic)

Knejjes II was premiered by the composer on 2nd December 2010 at Sala Isouard, Teatru Manoel, Valletta, Malta. 

Knejjes III / Churches III

Marċ tal-Imwiet / Funeral March – Church of St Mary of Jesus (Ta’ Ġieżu)
Canon – Monastery Church of St Ursula
Għanja tal-Barklora / Stevedore’s Song – Church of the Flight to Egypt (Listen here)
Talba / Prayer – Church of St Nicholas (All Souls)
Preludju / Prelude – Church of Our Lady of Damascus
Fides / Faith – Collegiate Church of St Paul (Listen here)

Knejjes III was premiered by the composer on 8th February 2014 at Casino Maltese, Valletta, Malta. 

Knejjes II Knejjes IV / Churches IV 

Etude – Church of the Presentation of the Lord (Jesuit Church)
Chaconne – Monastery Church of St Catherine
Innu Marċ / Band March – Basilica of Our Lady of Mt Carmel
Lament – Church of the Annunciation (Nibbia Chapel)
Innu / Hymn – Church of Our Lady of Victories
Spes / Hope – Co-Cathedral of St John the Baptist

Knejjes IV was premiered by the composer on 27th February 2015 at the Church of St Augustine, Valletta, Malta.